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Non-solidifying Rubber Bitumen Waterproof Coating
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Non-solidifying Rubber Bitumen Waterproof Coating


Product Introduction

LX-Brand non-solidifying rubber bitumen waterproof coating is a single component, hot-

meltwaterproof coating made from high performance plastomer polymer (as modifier) and

finequality bitumen, as well as liquid tackifying resin with high activity, functional

polymer,stabilizing agent ; this product has the property of high bonding force and high



Product Characteristics


Non-solidifying, non film-forming, non solvent and creeping and paste-like coating.No need to

cost time for drying.
Constant viscous state, fine bonding force and good fatigue resistance; its constant viscousstate

and flowing state is apt to fill and self-healing the chink of concrete.Non-toxic, odourless, no

contamination, environmentally-friendly.



Adapt to the rough / irregular substrates, substrates with strong stress and easydeformed

substrates; especially for the works which fire / flame are forbidden on theworking sites, cold

coating or mechanical execution.


Product Performance


As per standards under JC/T 2216-2014



Matters Needing Attention

Tools: shot-blasting machine, broom, dust catcher, roller, scraper, heating facility,

sprayingfacility etc.
Substrate treatment: clean-coating primer-detail treatment to the substrates/ joints-spraythis

coating-trimming-lay waterproof membrane-quality check.
The substrates must be smooth, rigid, no oil, no water and other contaminants; repairingthe

voids/cracks/chinks; rounded the inside and outside corners to arc shapes; if anyleakage

existing, closing up firstly; for too much dry substrates, drizzle a suspicion of wateron the

surface of substrate and keep moistured before coating being done.
Check and test whether the spray equipments are in good order / workable or not.
Make sure that the coating materials are in melting status before working

(scrapingtemperature at+ 120degree Celsius; mechanical coating at + 150degree Celsius).
Spray onto the substrates vertically and evenly, and ensure to get an even film.
As soon as the coating finished, you should lay adhibit the waterproof membrane rightaway,

please confirm there are no dust and foreign matters on the surface of the coatingfilm.
For overlaps of the waterproof membranes, sealed by this product; finally,

waterproofprotection layer can be done.


Storage And Transportation

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