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Spraying Quick Setting Rubber Bitumen Waterproof Coating
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Spraying Quick Setting Rubber Bitumen Waterproof Coating


Product Introduction

Spraying quick setting rubber bitumen waterproof coating. This coating is a water-

basedspraying coating which consists of bitumen latex modified by rubber and curing agent.


Product Characteristics

Successive spraying will form seamless and complete coating film ; particularly for

irregularstructures and complex shapes, the coating is easy and simple.
Mechanized working will shorten program time and be economical for your project budget.
The coating film has strong bonding strength to the concrete, plastic , wood and frameworks,no

peeling, no break off, excellent protection to the substrates.
Spraying can be done on wet surface of substrates(humidity 80%), adapt to work in metro,

tunnel and irrigation / drainage works.
Fine chemical corrosion resistance property; Good UV resistance and ozone resistance.
Non-volatile chemical compound and non-volatile solvent components, non-toxic, odourless,no

exhaust-gas, environmentally friendly, therefore, spraying can be done in the airtight / notso-well-ventilating conditions.
Outstanding tensile strength as well as fine elastic recovery enable this produce can be adaptto

the deformed substrates due to stress , deformation, expanding crack and penetrating.
Successive spraying will form seamless and complete coating film will ensure no leakage,

nopeeling versus waterproof membranes; and particularly applies to the irregular structures

orcomplicated shapes of substrates, such as : internal and external corners ; the "skin-

like"waterproof coating film will be the ideal waterproof layer.
Fine chemical corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and

chlorineresistance, the above properties are more suitable for the use in chemical liquid tanks,

Fine flexibility at low or high temperature conditions; temperature adaptability range from

-40degree Celsius to + 160 degree Celsius.
Flame retarding: We can provide you this coating with flame retarding function which can

reachClass B as per customer' s requirements.
High working efficiency: instantaneous curing, walkable tolerance and continuous next

processallowed; special mechanical spraying can save labor cost and shorten the working time.



External waterproof coating for underground works, apply to: metro, basement, city utilitytunnel

(electric / optical cable tunnel), etc. ; .
Roof waterproof: flat concrete roofs, light steel structure insulation board with sandwich

panel,slate, blindage / bunker, man-made lake / pool, landfill, sedimentation tank, pool for

golfcourses; underpass, sewerage plant, the internal / external waterproof and corrosion proof

forswimming pools; bridge surface waterproof, the corrosion proof and greasy dirt resistance

forvehicle chassis and boat; particularly apply to the vault of underground mining tunnel /


Matters Needing Attention


Dos And Don'ts

Generally, the coating involves two methods: Mechanical coating and manual operating.
For large area coating, mechanical coating shall be adopted; when working, you should

usespecial spraying device with two independent sprayers, the liquid rubber and curing agent

willmix and form a rigid film in 4 seconds after spraying out ;while for the detailing of pipes,

water-inlets, internal / external corners and repairing of voids / chimbs / cracks, coating by hand

shallbe adopted; quick setting liquid coating materials shall be coated under the temperature of

5-35degree Celsius.
Check if the spraying machines are in good order for working; if the conveying pipes,

valves,filters are suitable for coating work; check and adjust the distance to the surface of

thesubstrates, and spraying angles, spraying pressure to ensure the coating is evenly and

nomissing parts on the surface.

When temperature is below 5 degree Celsius, mechanical coating is forbidden.Freezing is

prohibited before the coating film cured.
Coating can not be coated on the surface with ponding or frost.
The substrates must be smooth, rigid, no oil, no water, no greasy, no resin, no solven.
Stored in ventilating warehouse, temperature should be + 5degree Celsius up, keep away

fromsunshine, rain; shelf life is one year from the production date.


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