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PLF Reaction Adhesive Strong Cross Film Waterproof Membrane
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PLF Reaction Adhesive Strong Cross Film Waterproof Membrane


Product Introduction

PLF Reaction Adhesive Strong Cross Film Waterproof Membrane is one kind of

waterproofmembrane by coating rubber bitumen self-adhesive agent which with creep

functions on theupper side or upper / down side of the intensified cross film of the membrane,

and then with anexternal silicone oil isolation layer. This product is a perfect compounded

waterproof membranebased on quick polymer reaction technology and intensified cross film.


This membrane is able to bond with the concrete substrate firmly after the chemical

reactionbetween the polymer cement and the concrete, together with physical adsorption, the

bondingforce will be far stronger than sole physical adsorption; additionally, intensified crossing

film isanother fine waterproofing layer of the membrane, therefore, our LX-- Brand polymer

reactionadhesive wet adhibiting membrane possesses double waterproof layer and will provide

an idealwaterproof effect.

The intensified cross film absorbs cross laminated technology and possesses much more

tensilestrength and elongation, fine tearing resistance, anti-impaction, dimension stabilization,

rootpenetration resistance, UV resistance and weather ability, chemical corrosion resistance

thanregular waterproof film; its unique creep function will create superior self- healing,

adaptable to theparts of cracks and deformed substrates; in case of deformation on longitudinal

and / or transverseunder huge temperature difference at the working site, the intensified cross

film can consume theexpansion/contract; the adaptability for temperature range is from -40'C

to +93℃.




Installation Manual


Wet-applied method:Clean the substrate- -ready cement mortar -detailing trimming-pre-

laymembrane coat cement mortar-pave the membrane-get rid of the air-making

compaction-overlap trimming-overlap/ edge/seam sealed-protection layer.
Dry-applied method:Clean the substrate-coat primer -detailing trimming-pre-laymembrane-

pave the membrane-get rid of the air -making compaction-overlaptrimming-overlap/

edge/seam sealed-protection layer.
Remove the isolation layer completely, adhibit the membrane after the primer dry, for the

overlappart, necessary hot air welding is required, especially at a low temperature condition.
The merit of dry-applied method is helpful to the self-sealing for the contract, tilting crack

causedby external force; in case adhibiting is to be done on vertical substrate or steep slope,

in order toprevent the sagging/sliding, and get a tight bonding effect between the

membrane and thesubstrate, hot air torching is required as an auxiliary measurement, or

metal batten fixing wherenecessary.





The proper working temperature ranges from +5%C --- +30'C, working in rainy / stormy/

snowy/strong sunshine condition is forbidden.
The substrates should be smooth, clean and no ponding.
For the joint of pipe, inside and outside corners, deformation joints, special reinforced

measurements should be given.
Keep nice ventilation after working finished, non workable on the cement mortar before

completely dry; the following up working should be done till the cement mortar dry



Storage And Transportation


Keep away from sunshine/ rain/ fire.
Different specifications / types of membranes to be stacked and stored separately,and the

storageemperature is no more than +35 'C.
During transportation, the membranes should be placed horizontally and no more than 5

layers;toavoid leaning and cross heap-up, tarpaulin required wherever possible.


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