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Pre-apply Polymer Self-adhesive Film Waterproof Membrane
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Pre-apply Polymer Self-adhesive Film Waterproof Membrane


Product Introduction

Pre-apply polymer self-adhesive film waterproof membrane is a multi-layer andcomposite

waterproof membrane which involves: high performance PE film, apressure-sensitive polymer

adhesive layer and a granuled layer.
This kind of membrane is designed for the pre-apply waterproof parts of the buildings,and

can make the membrane bond with the concrete firmly.
This kind of membrane can be used on smooth concrete surface or rigid sandy soilsurface,

also used on the vertical sides of the waterproof works; can well bond with thefollowing up

grouted concrete together, this will form a durable waterproof with theconcrete.



Apply to underground waterproof works, tunnel, basement, culvert etc; especially usedin the

methane-leakage resistance works.


Product Characteristics


This kind of membrane can bond with the concrete seamlessly and permanently, and

preventthe water leakage and penetration around the chink I gap of the membranes.
No need to make the protective layer; no need to pre-coat primer and make angles of

chamfer;immediate walk 1 step on the waterproof membrane allowed.
Working can be done over -4 degree Celsius, easy trimming on the gape 1 edge 1 end

ofdetailing parts, and ensure watertight waterproof effect.

Product Performance


As per standard under GB/T 23457-2009


Working Key Points


The surface of the substrate should be smooth, clean and rigid; no crack, no hole; if there

existschip/chink/gap, the width should be no more than 12mm, necessary repairing is

The horizontal substrate should be a complete concrete or a high density granular

stuffingsandy soil base; loose aggregate or sharp-edged aggregate are prohibited; multi-

angular sandsor stone grains are suitable rather than beveled / concave-convex shape;

working on the wetsubstrate is workable, but ensure no ponding existing.
Vertical board: to use concrete or 19mm composite board pile as the support to

themembrane; each and every board should connect with each other closely, the deviation

shouldbe less than 12mm.
Membrane installed: position the overlap precisely, and guarantee continuous

waterproofingadhibiting and no missing; in case working at a low temperature, proper

heating or torching onthe overlap parts required.


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