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Dry Powder Glue
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Dry Powder Glue


Product Introduction

"Jin Shuai" brand multi-functional instant dry powder glue (also called rubber powder) isrefined

from natural polymers according to the characteristics of composite waterproof coiledmaterials.

It is a new type of non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating environmental protectionproduct.


Implementation Standard

Execution standard: JC/ T863-2011


Methods Of Use

Pour 50 kg of cold water into the bucket and start the agitator. When the water is

runningquickly in the bucket, pour in a bag of rubber powder (500 g) and stir for about 30

seconds,then you can use it. If it is not used immediately after mixing evenly, it should be stirred

again.The glue can be used to prepare 2 / 3 packages of cement, which can react with cement

quickly,improve viscosity and paste all kinds of building materials.

Product Performance And Application


Matters Needing Attention

Multifunctional Instant Dry Powder Glue

The product can be quickly dissolved in cold water, has high toughness, high weatherresistance,

high viscosity to various substrates, and has super strong bonding strength. Thecement glue

prepared after mixing with cement has good workability, water resistance andhigher bonding

strength. It is convenient to use. In the construction site, it can be mixed withcement to form

glue in three minutes. It can be prepared and used at any time. The producthas a wide range of

applications. It is prepared according to the proportion of dry powder glueand water. It can be

used to paste acrylic and other polymer waterproof coiled materials, self-adhesive coiled

materials, ceramic tiles, marble, glass fiber mesh, internal and external wallPutty powder, etc.

The prepared cement glue shall be used up within 4 hours, and shall be replenished and

mixedat any time according to the volatilization of water.
Waterproof coiled material paste within 24 hours, it is forbidden to water to the cement

Electric stirrer shall be used for stirring, and manual stirrer shall be used to prolong

Shelf life: 18 months.



Plugging Spirit


Product Introduction

This product is a moisture-proof, impermeability, plugging material, is also a good

bondingmaterial. This material is divided into two types: quick-setting type (mainly used for

seepageprevention and plugging) and slow-setting type (mainly used for moisture prevention

andseepage prevention), both of which are single-component gray powder.


Product Characteristics

Construction can be carried out on both the front and back water surfaces, which is

convenientfor construction.
It can be constructed with water, and is moisture-proof, impermeable and quick in

Low plugging solidification time optional, waterproof paste once completed, strong

adhesion,permeability and compression resistance.
It is integrated with the base layer, does not age, and has good water resistance.




Jin Shuai brand "slow setting" or "quick setting" plugging spirit is mixed into putty according

tothe ratio of powder: water = 1: 0.25-0.35.


Methods Of Use

It is mainly suitable for waterproofing, anti-seepage and leakage stoppage of

undergroundbuildings, walls, ditches, pools, toilets, etc.


Construction Tools

Tools for cleaning base flour: shovel, chisel, hammer, wire brush, broom and rag;
Weighing and batching tools: bucket, scale, mixing basin (bucket) and agitator;
Plugging tools: sticks with different diameters;
Feeding tools: scraper, float and presser;
Maintenance tools: water basin, water sprayer and brush.


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