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K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating
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K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating


Product Introduction

Excellent flexibility, can resist the slight vibration of buildings and micro cracks causedby

various reasons.
Excellent waterproof performance, and can be used for water proofing of the waterfacing

surface and the water back surface.
It can be constructed on wet base flour with good weatherability and aging resistance.
Non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly products.


Range Of Application

Substrate composed of concrete, brick masonry, precast concrete and lightweight brick.
Walls, floors or roofs of buildings, such as tunnels, bridges, basements, kitchens,balconies,

swimming pools, cisterns, etc.
There may be slight vibration, cracks in the building structure, such as nozzle around,post-

cast strip interface, etc.


Flour Treatment

The base flour shall be stable and clean, and the pores and sand holes shall be blockedand

leveled with cement mortar.
Before construction, the base flour must be wetted in advance to keep the base flourmoist,

but there must be no open water.

Reference Dosage


Implementation Standard


When the thickness of waterproof layer is 1.0mm, the dosage is about 1. 5kg/m2.Powder:

emulsion =1:1.

Packaging: 40kg/set (20kg emulsion+20kg powder), 20kg/set (10kg

The shelf life of unsealed products shall be 12 months in a cool and dry place.


According to standard: JC/T2090-2011.


Storage And Transportation


Construction Technology

According to the mixture ratio of "powder: emulsion =1:1", the emulsion is poured intothe

mixing barrel first, then the powder is slowly poured into the mixing barrel whilebeing

stirred by the electric stirrer, and the mixture is fully stirred until the paste isuniform and

free of powder and sediment; Let stand for a few minutes and then stir, theeffect is better.
Brush the mucilage directly onto the treated base flour. Do not leak the brush. If

bubblesare generated during brushing, the bubbles shall be repeatedly brushed out.

Thethickness of each layer shall be 0.5 mm.
Besmear brushs the first layer of mucilage, should wait for its slightly dry solid (justdon't

stick hands) after besmear brushs the second layer, the second layer of besmearbrushs

direction should be staggered with the previous layer.


Matters Needinq Attention

Ventilation equipment shall be adopted to accelerate the drying of waterproof coatingin

places with extremely humid and unventilated air, such as sealed pools or basements.
This product should be used at a temperature of 5-40'C. Outdoor construction is

notallowed in rainy days.

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